​Granite Marble & Quartz

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Hundreds of colors are available

It is from nature and is admired by people around the world for its clean, pure and graceful appearance. It is not as strong as granite, so marble is not an ideal material for the kitchen, which is usually heavily used. Marble is primarily used in bathroom vanities, fireplaces and other low traffic areas in the home. Add elegance to your home with marble.

It is MAN-MADE stone and comes in different colors with a consistent pattern. It delivers the benefit of heat resistance, scratch resistance and stain resistance. Quartz is also one of the easiest materials to maintain since it does not require sealing. It is also one of the most popular materials for your modern kitchen.

It is natural and its hardness is close to diamonds. Granite provides durability to your kitchen. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant when sealed properly. Every slab is unique with its color, pattern and movement, which gives your kitchen a ONE-OF-A-KIND appearance that other materials cannot match up to.